Does a boat lift maintenance contract make sense?

Does a boat lift maintenance contract make sense?

Like anything else, periodic inspection and maintenance will extend the useful life of your boat lift. However, when you’re busy it’s one of those things that you can easily justify putting off.

Having a professional regularly inspect fittings, lift cables, lift beams, bunks, hardware, drive unit, zincs, and add grease to all moving parts on a quarterly basis will help ensure any issues are addressed before they become major. For the nominal cost (a few hundred dollars) an annual agreement with quarterly inspections is well worth the protection provided and your resultant peace of mind.

For example, we do a thorough inspection of your boat lift and afterward provide you with a detailed report showing exactly what was done and note any components which may need attention. You don’t want a broken lift to keep you from getting out on the water when the fish are biting. To learn about the service offered by Hurricane Boat Lifts South, simply go to:

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