How do I position my boat on its lift?

How do I position my boat on its lift?

The rating capacity of your boat lift is based on a balanced load. So, it’s important to position your boat in the exact same spot each time you place it on the lift. The boat’s center of gravity should be in the center of the lift so that the tension on all supporting cables is the same. When you twang the cables like a guitar string, or more likely tap them with a hammer, they should all sound the same. If the boat is placed too far forward, for example, the load won’t be balanced and too much weight will be placed on the forward cables causing undue strain, wear, and over a period of time, potential failure.

When the boat is in its home position make note of a fixed object on the boat and how it lines up with a spot on the lift. Use this as a gauge each time you position your boat on the lift.

Your installer will define the exact position for your boat after the lift is installed. Make sure anyone who may pilot your boat is aware of this home position.

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