How should I maintain my boat lift in the Florida Keys?

How should I maintain my boat lift in the Florida Keys?

Even though you purchased a boat lift to protect your investment and maintain the appearance and performance of your boat, it’s important to keep it and all related equipment in peak condition.

Once your lift is installed, your contractor will train you on the safe operation and maintenance of your boat lift. However, regular maintenance and inspection is one of those things that is easy to overlook.

Always keep an eye on the lift cables to ensure there is no rust, wear, fraying, or damage and that they are positioned properly in the grooves on the winders. If any of these signs appear, replace the cables immediately. The bunk boards and carpet will need periodic replacement dependent upon usage.

Also, if you have an elevator lift, a key component that is easy to overlook are the sacrificial anodes, or what is commonly referred to as “boat zincs,” or simply “zincs.” Zincs should be replaced when about half of the anode has been lost to corrosion. In many cases in the Florida Keys that may be as often as every three months. The life of a zinc is a function of its weight. If a zinc needs to be replaced within three months, you’ll want to replace it with one that is larger.

Each time you use your lift you should rinse the lift components with fresh water to remove any salt and any potential barnacle growth.

We recommend quarterly lift inspections by a professional. They’ll visually inspect all components and lubricate the appropriate areas to ensure a long service life from your lift.  

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