What are the different styles of boat lifts?

What are the different styles of boat lifts?

There are a few main styles of boat lifts on the market that can accommodate most boat brands, dock configurations, and types of crafts. Usually boat lifts are categorized by their weight-carrying capacity.

Since the weight of the boat is very important when sizing a lift, it’s vital to add to the dry weight listed by the manufacturer to get the true operating weight of the boat. You must add the weight of the fuel, water, additional aftermarket features, number of engines and sizes, and miscellaneous gear.

Small Craft and PWC (personal watercraft) Lift Systems

These lifts are designed to accommodate either one or multiple Jet Skis. Keeping a Jet Ski out of the water keeps it safe and secure and minimizes discoloration of the hull from seawater.

Elevator Lifts

Elevator-style boat lifts are ideal for use on waterfronts where in-water pilings are not allowed, e.g., narrow canals, or where the installation of pilings is difficult due to deep water or hard-bottom conditions. Elevator lifts can be mounted on seawalls, docks, or pilings in a 90-degree or inclined position. They are available in capacities up to 40,000 lbs.

Cradle Lifts

Cradle boat lifts are designed for efficiency and are available in four, six, and eight pile configurations. This lift style is an industry standard and can be designed to work with any sized vessel up to 100,000 lbs. or more.

Beamless Lifts

Beamless lifts feature open sides allowing easy access to your boat. If you’re worried about an obstructed view, having to look at the top beam, or hitting your head when boarding your boat, this is your answer.

Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are available in vertical or elevator systems. The entire platform drops into the water with the boat. And you can walk around your boat with ease. Unobstructed access to your boat allows for ease in loading and unloading of gear.

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