Why invest in a boat lift in the Florida Keys?

Why invest in a boat lift in the Florida Keys?

There are many advantages to storing your boat on a lift and out of the water, but the principal reason to invest in a boat lift is to protect the beauty and functionality of your boat. When you’ve spent multiple thousands of dollars on your boat, you certainly want to maintain as much of that value as possible and keeping your boat out of the water will definitely help.

Boat lifts also provide peace of mind. If your boat is docked in an area subject to fluctuating water levels, choppy water, or marine vegetation and rubbish, then keeping your boat out of the water limits exposure. It will also prevent a buildup of scum and slime which can stain the porous Gelcoat surface.

Keeping a boat on a lift will prevent the need for periodic bottom painting and help maintain the value of your boat. A boat without bottom painting just plain looks better. You’ll also save on storage fees while having year-around availability to launch your boat on your schedule…not someone else’s.

You made a major investment in your boat and you want to protect that investment. A boat lift is the best way to store your boat out of the water, yet quickly enjoy it by simply lowering it into the water and driving away.

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