Have a Boat Lift, but No Boat? Why Not Turn Your Unused Lift into a Waterside Fun Pad!

Have a Boat Lift, but No Boat? Why Not Turn Your Unused Lift into a Waterside Fun Pad!

If your boat lift is sitting unused, you can repurpose it by adding a deck that can be lowered into the water when desired. By controlling the height of the deck, you now have a submersible swim platform, an in-water beach, or just an additional area to relax on the water. There are a whole host of ways people are using these decks. Imagine lowering your deck to ankle depth and grilling your favorite fish while your feet are being cooled by the ocean water.

The decking we use is a polypropylene injection molded slotted board that allows water, debris, and sunlight to pass through helping to keep the walking surface clean. Sunlight and water penetration help to keep vegetation alive and minimize the effect of the deck surface on the environment.

The deck material is made to last a lifetime and is covered by a 12-year limited warranty. It comes in two standard colors: mushroom and gray. The color is molded in so painting or staining is not necessary and is UV protected to minimize fading over time.

The deck material was designed with bare feet in mind and is molded with a knurled surface to prevent slipping when the surface gets wet. It’s easy to clean with soap and water and gasoline and household chemicals will not damage it.

Here’s how one customer used this idea in a recent installation. The customer had an unused boat lift and two jet skis. He wanted to store the jet skis on his lift and have a little room left over to use as an in-water beach.

In this case there was an existing 90-degree elevator lift installed which we used as the foundation to build the new platform.

This photo shows that the nearside lift bunk has been removed and aluminum support beams installed in its place. The installation of the polypropylene deck boards has just begun.

This photo shows that the far bunk board has been removed and the remainder of the deck material installed.

This photo shows the deck wrapped with a rubberized edging and bunks added for the jet skis. Also, two white guide poles were installed for aligning the jet skis upon return.

Here are some additional photos showing the finished deck with room for two jet skis and an area in the middle for relaxation.

We’ve shown just one configuration based upon this customer’s specific needs. The ideas are limitless, and the size of the platform can be customized depending upon the size of the lift. We can add longer tracks to extend the deck farther into the channel or make the deck wider. We can also accommodate jet skis, kayaks, fish cleaning tables, or just keep it simple with a deck for relaxation.

Repurposing your boat lift into a “Fun Pad” is an easy way to gain some unused space, add value to your property, or just make a hit at your next waterside gathering.

Contact us for an estimate: sales@hblsouth.com or call 305-517-6105

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